Heating and Air Conditioning Protect Maintenance Agreement

Your home is a place where your family should feel most safe and secured. You endeavor to make your residence as welcoming and warm as possible; you decorate the house to reflect you and your family member’ preferences and personalities; you do the upkeep on a regular basis. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to put air conditioning and heating services on your regular to do list?

That’s where Rayfield’s Heating, Cooling & Appliances, LLC comes into the picture. At Rayfield’s, we pride ourselves in being one of the trusted and preferred partners for heating and cooling services in New Jersey. Our company upholds excellent corporate values, and for us that means offering quality HVAC service at competitive rates. We at Rayfield’s are more than happy to reach out to you. In fact, we take pride to offer annual and bi-annual heating and air conditioning protect maintenance contract valued residential and commercial clients around Edison, East Brunswick, Marlboro, Morganville and Bridgewater.

Our heating and air conditioning maintenance agreement provides our NJ clients with a Protect planned service that adheres to the recommended maintenance procedures outlined by our utility companies and the Department of Energy.

Being a member of our annual maintenance contract/agreement simply means you avail of the many benefits it entails. Below are just are just some of the many benefits and reasons why sign up for our Protect Planned Service Agreement:

  • Improve the Health of your Heating and Cooling System
  • Improve Comfort and Save You Up to 50% of your Energy Costs
  • Receive 15% discounts on All Heating and Cooling Repairs
  • Allow Us to Fix the Minor Issues Before They Get Worst
  • Keep Track of Your System Inspection & Tune-Up Schedule

Most importantly, our Protect customers in New Jersey receive Priority Emergency Service. In event that your heating or cooling system fails to work properly—our protected NJ clients will receive priority repair service. You will be prioritized and be provided with fast and reliable HVAC service when you need it most. We also make sure we have an updated and completed file on your system repair and service history, this way; we can efficiently and promptly address the problems. Allowing professionals at Rayfield’s Heating, Cooling & Appliances, LLC to do your yearly HVAC maintenance will also help you extend the life of your cooling and heating systems, as well minimizing the risk of emergencies.

Your home’s cooling and heating system require regular service and maintenance in order for the equipment to operate and function efficiently and safely. Without proper HVAC maintenance, unnecessary repairs can occur as well as wasting up to 50% of energy consumption. Be protected! Sign up for our annual and bi-annual planned maintenance service today and discover more benefits you can get.

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